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Chakra Stone Set

In many traditions, like Hiduism, Tantric Buddism, Yoga schools an TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine), the chakras are described as energy centers wich form the subtle connection bezween our physical body and the astral body. There are seven main energy centers which are all allocated along the spine.

Each charka is connected to a specific universal quality of human life and in modern stonehealing (Lithotherapy) each of these qualities is in turn allocated to a specific stone. Therefore the stones support the respective quality of the energy centers and promote their expression.

7 Stones
1. Root Chakra - Red Jasper - Energy and Endurance
2. Navel Chakra - Carneol - Encounters and Affection
3. Solarplexus Chakra - Calcite - Self-confidence and development
4. Heart Chakra - Rose Quartz - Fulfilment, Feelings and Understanding
5. Neck Chakra - Chalcedon - Communication and Establishing Contact
6. Forehead Chakra - Rock Crystal - Awareness and Development
7. Crown Chakra - Amethyst - Inspiration and Harmony

Size of Velvet pouch: approx 7 x 5 cm
Size of Stones: approx 1 - 2 cm

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